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LION+MASON is a user experience design consultancy specialising in digital products and services.

From ideation to launch, we enable our clients to identify, validate, and realise valuable digital experiences through user-centered research, strategy, and design.


We examine your customer journey and processes to uncover your biggest opportunities.


We help you generate, conceptualise and validate the ideas to solve your experience challenges.


We define and realise your new product and service through user-centered design processes.



Futureproofing Your Experience Strategy
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Are you ready to find out the secret to creating a futureproof customer experience strategy? If only it were that simple. The reality is that there is no foolproof plan you can put in place to counter any eventuality in the constantly changing customer experience landscape.

How The Public Sector Should Be Improving Customer Experience
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The public sector is often left lagging behind when it comes to business transformation. The nature of public sector bodies, in all their complexity, means that change is often the hardest to exact in such a huge and often dispersed environment.

Why Simplicity Is The Most Powerful Ally Of User Experience
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Any UX Designer can tell you about the complex simplicity oxymoron. And it’s true, a lot of work goes into…