Groundworks HEART app
User Research / UX Design

The Challenge

Groundworks runs a charity service called Green Doctors who provide energy assistance and improvement, health and wellbeing support to poor and vulnerable individuals across London.

Their existing out-of-the-box solution for gathering customer information had issues with connectivity and data input. The Green Doctors found they had to adapt to the programme rather than it adapting to their individual working style.


In order for us to gather the correct insight into the challenge, our first priority was a UX workshop with Green Doctors to fully understand what they required the app to do, their existing pain points and potential solutions.

Armed with this insight, we then conducted 3 days of in-field research, attending Green Doctor appointments across London. These ‘ride-alongs’ gave us deeper insight into the different types of users, their circumstances, motivations and needs.


Based on our research we produced prototypes that would allow efficient data collection based on the Green Doctors’ needs in the field.

The solution also allowed Green Doctors to conduct assessments efficiently and communicate findings and results with users, which demonstrates clearly the impact of their actions on the user’s energy usage.

This design was tested and validated with the Green Doctors and proven to be an effective solution to their problem.

What the client says

“Working with LION+MASON has been a pleasure. They were very proactive in providing insight into the performance of our website. As a result, we achieved significant business performance improvements. We would highly recommend LION+MASON to anyone wanting to maximise the ROI of their websites.”