Making A Big Journey Feel Like A Little Journey


Little Journey is a digital eSupport platform designed to reduce anxiety in children undergoing healthcare procedures, either through routine care or as part of a clinical trial.

LION+MASON were enlisted to design a participant administration portal for use by research staff who manage large numbers of participants taking part in international drug trials.

The project contained two arms, one back-end system for clinicians to manage their participants and a front end system for the end users to digest key appointment information.


Little Journey




12 Weeks


  • Research & Discovery
  • UX Planning
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • UI Design
Research Directions - Figma Prototype

Research & Discovery

To understand the specialist subject matter, we immersed ourselves in the world of clinical trials, including research with users across the end-to-end research journey. This included:

Review and synthesis of existing data regarding use of admin systems in clinical settings

• 20+ hrs of user interviews to discover needs, behaviours and pain points

• ‘As is’ user journey mapping for a typical clinical trial

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UX Planning

Based on the insights gathered we undertook activities to redesign the service for internal research trial users, including:

• Creation of new ‘ideal’ user journeys based on healthcare workers’ actual experiences

• Drafting of service blueprints mapping relationships between online systems used within hospital settings

• Identified and prioritised key tasks performed by trial workers

Grouped tasks into independent ‘modules’ for phased design and delivery

Making a big journey feel like a little journey 4

Prototyping & Testing

The UX design was tested and validated by usability sessions, we took the following steps:

• Created wireframes for all key tasks within a module

• Developed fully interactive desktop prototypes

• Conducted remote facilitated user testing to validate design approach for each module

UI Design

Based on feedback and findings from usability testing, we further improved the wireframes and created high fidelity UI design.

• Conducted a series of rapid design sprints to create high fidelity UI designs for each module, incorporating feedback from user testing.

Worked closely with development partners and key stakeholders to ensure outputs were understood and actioned effectively.

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Medication tracker

Alongside the participant administration portal, we were also given the challenge of creating a user-facing paediatric medication tracker module for the public app. This was designed to encourage children’s adherence to the trials and reduce drop-off. To deliver this we:

• Conducted research with both parents and children to understand key behaviours related to taking medicines

• Incorporated gamification techniques to encourage regular adherence

• Produced themed age-specific content and in-real-life challenges

• Created an exciting, engaging and age-appropriate mobile UI

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Research Directions - Figma Prototype

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