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We partner with product teams across diverse sectors to design engaging, valuable, and desirable digital products, together.

Our Expertise

UX Strategy

Crafting prioritised and effective roadmaps that guide your digital journey to success.

User Research

Gaining insights from your users for informed decision-making and product roadmaps.

UX Design

Designing intuitive and delightful user experiences.

UI Design

Creating visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that captivate your audience.

Product Design

Expertly blending UX and UI to craft user-centric products that resonate.

User Testing

Iteratively refining your products based on user feedback.


Projects & Outcomes

  • Define clear deliverables and milestones upfront.
  • Fixed cost for the entire project, providing budget certainty.
  • Ideal for projects with well-defined scope and objectives.

Team Augmentation

  • Flexible resource allocation for defined periods.
  • Scale teams up or down based on project requirements.
  • Perfect for projects with evolving needs or fluctuating workloads.


  • Tailored UX strategy and high-level product design advisement.
  • Flexible consultations to match your project timeline.
  • Perfect for continuous UX optimisation and product improvement.


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Design a new product


“We have a brand new product that needs designing.”


We work collaboratively with you to design exceptional products that delight users and achieve your digital ambitions. A low risk approach to product design.

2-4 Months

Augment your team


“We need additional expertise to bridge skill gaps and add bandwidth.”


We provide flexible expertise to dynamically scale your team to bridge skill gaps and ultimately enabling you to deliver exceptional product experiences at pace.


Develop a product UX strategy


“We want to be a more user-centred company, but we’re not sure where to start.”


Our consultants work closely with you to define your business objectives and examine existing processes and product journeys to provide recommendations to help you move forward.

1-2 Weeks

Generate user insight


“We need to understand what our end-users want and how we can improve our product.”


We uncover actionable customer and end-user insight that helps to inform decision making and create the foundation for effective product roadmaps.

1-3 Months

Prototype & validate an idea


“We want to rapidly visualise and test our ideas.”


We rapidly bring new propositions and product ideas to life through shareable concept designs, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes – getting your idea in front of customers and internal stakeholders for rapid validation and testing.

2-4 Week sprints

Modernise a legacy product


“We have an existing product that we need to modernise, improve, or update.”


We help you to modernise, optimise, and improve your existing UX/UI to be more engaging, competitive, and valuable to your end users.

1-3 Months

What Makes Us Special?

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to UX and product design delivery. Here’s what makes us stand out from the crowd:

Technology Agnostic

We adopt the ‘architects’ model, prioritising adaptability and tailoring solutions to your unique needs, tech eco-system, internal capability, and appetite for innovation, ensuring truly user-centric solutions every step of the way.

Experts working with Experts

Led by senior consultants, our engagements ensure your own experts have direct access to our seasoned professionals overseeing strategy and hands-on project execution.

Driven by Enablement

We empower clients through open knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration and innovation to drive greater product value.


LION+MASON made it feel like we had a dedicated expert within our team. They instantly understood the core challenge, and their regular communication enabled stakeholders to be involved at the correct points. We will definitely look to re-engage on future projects.”
Harley Davidson

Working with LION+MASON  is a great experience. They go above and beyond to ensure that each project is successful, even when products are complex and innovative. We highly recommend L+M as an experienced and reliable partner.”
Cambridge University Press

LION+MASON delivered a simple user experience with an easy-to-use UI design,. They impressed with their flexibility, communication, and delivery.
Barnett Waddingham

The team’s creative ideas and proactive approach impressed me throughout. We’ll definitely look to engage with on future projects.
Sheffield Hallam University

LION+MASON had a flexible, collaborative approach tailored to our unique culture. Their team developed strong relationships with our users, ensuring they felt invested in the project.


We’re rated as one of the top UX + Product Design partners in the UK.

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