Explore how AI could impact your product or business

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Looking to discover how AI can take your product experience to the next level?


The advent of AI has created a new paradigm in how we interact with technology, shifting customer expectations and presenting new challenges and big opportunities for digital products and services.

Our collaborative 4-week program is designed to help
product leads take their first step towards AI-driven experiences, helping to answer some of the key questions, such as:

  • We want to adopt AI but where do we start?
  • Where can AI be used to add value to our existing product/service?
  • We’re looking for new AI-driven product ideas.
  • How can AI improve our internal-facing tools and applications?
  • How can AI give us a competitive advantage?

The outcome is a clear roadmap of validated and prioritised
opportunities for AI enablement along with recommended next
steps for each opportunity,

AI Experience Impact

Our UX experts developed our AI Experience Impact (AIXI) Framework: A lens by which we can help you explore how AI can and will affect your product experiences.

By factoring this into everything we do, we ensure your products are ready for rapidly changing customer expectations and deliver the next generation of best-in-class digital experiences.


By using our proprietary AIXI Framework, the discovery process allows us to examine your product/service journeys through the lens of AI capability.

This allows us to focus on uncovering where AI can add value, drive efficacy, and improve customer experience.

1. Define



To explore your business area, your product, users, and opportunities through collaborative workshops.


Identify focus product areas, generate initial AI-driven ideas, and develop a user exploration strategy.

2. Insight



To gather user, competitor, and market insights, assessing current journeys to identify pain-points and opportunities, and further develop AI solution ideas.


Validated, prioritised, and developed AI solution concepts along with a comprehensive plan to advance the exploration and/or implementation.

3. Opportunity



To stress-test new AI concepts, assess the potential impact, prioritise the strongest solutions, and build a roadmap for the next steps.


New and validated AI concepts, user journeys, and service designs grounded in real user and business needs.

Typical duration is 4 weeks but can vary on product size/complexity.

Explore how AI could impact your product or business 3

Conduct research with your target users to uncover their needs, motivations & pain points.

Explore how AI could impact your product or business 5

Design a digital product that looks great and people enjoy using.

Explore how AI could impact your product or business 7

Transform, refresh, and optimise your legacy digital products.

Explore how AI could impact your product or business 9

Identify AI opportunities and mitigate risks through a framework of research, exploration & validation.

Explore how AI could impact your product or business 11

Bring your ideas to life and test them with real users. A low risk approach to product design.

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