Prototype & validate an idea

UX Designers working on a digital product design

Bring your ideas to life and test them with your target audience. A low risk approach to product design.


We rapidly bring new product ideas to life through shareable concept designs, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes – getting your idea in front of customers and internal stakeholders for rapid validation and testing.

Who is it for?

Designed for businesses that have a roadmap of ideas that need prioritising, realising and validating without costly development.

Relevant scenarios…

  • We want to create an interactive prototype and test it with customers
  • We have a general idea for a product but need to flesh out the features & functionality
  • We want to prioritise our ideas and know which ones to take forward
  • Our ideas are written down and we need help bringing them to life in a visual and interactive format

Activities & outcomes

Below is a list of typical activities and outcomes when prototyping and validating a new idea.

Typical Activities

  • Ideation workshops
  • Define features & functionality
  • Sketches & wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes (low & high fidelity / desktop & mobile)
  • User testing and validation
  • Feedback & iteration cycles
  • Prioritisation & roadmapping
  • Stakeholder playback sessions


  • Uncover valuable new propositions
  • Rapid realisation of ideas
  • Customer and end-user feedback
  • Validation of new propositions
  • Business buy-in from wider stakeholders
  • Experiment with new ideas before development
  • Enhance internal innovation and idea processes

Why choose us?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider working with LION+MASON when prototyping and validating an idea.

Reduced Risk

Testing your ideas as early as possible means you can address any issues before you launch.

Faster time to market

Quickly identify the ideas that resonate with your target audience.

Improved customer satisfaction

Validating your product ideas first will ensure your final product truly meet your users’ needs.

What’s the process?

We know that no project is the same, we can adapt our ways of working as required. Shown is an example of a typical process used to prototype & validate an idea.

1. Define the problem

We begin by understanding your challenge and objectives.

2. Ideation

We’ll work with you to generate and refine your ideas, then define the features & functionality required.

3. Prototype design

We’ll create an interactive prototype that bring your idea to life. We schedule regular client reviews during the design phase so you can see progress and have chance to input.

4. User testing

We’ll conduct task based user testing to validate your idea. You’ll have the chance to observe the sessions first hand.

5. Feedback & iteration

We’ll report back with clear and actionable recommendations, and develop your idea based on user feedback.

Sprint based. Typical sprints are between 1 & 4 weeks.

Prototype & validate an idea 3

Conduct research with your target users to uncover their needs, motivations & pain points.

Prototype & validate an idea 5

Identify your digital challenges & develop a plan to solve them.

Prototype & validate an idea 7

Design a digital product that looks great and people enjoy using.

Prototype & validate an idea 9

Transform, refresh, and optimise your legacy digital products.

Prototype & validate an idea 11

Identify AI opportunities and mitigate risks through a framework of research, exploration & validation.

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