UX Team Augmentation

UX Designers working on a digital product design

UX Team Augmentation

Enhance your product team’s expertise with ours through flexible and expert UX team augmentation, accelerating delivery and scaling your capability.

We excel in placing seasoned UX professionals within client teams to bolster capabilities, bridge skill gaps, and expedite project delivery. Our tailored augmentation service ensures seamless integration of specialised expertise, enabling your team to innovate efficiently and achieve exceptional results.


  • UX Strategists
  • UX Designers
  • Service Designers
  • Product Designers
  • UI Designers
  • User Researchers
  • User Testers
  • T-shaped UX Unicorns


Client logos
client logos

Why use Team Augmentation?

  • “We have a UX skill gap in our product team(s)”
  • “We need additional burst UX capacity at time of high demand”
  • “We have ambitious targets and need flexible support delivering”
  • “We need a partner to help us create more user-focused products”


Full Flexibility

From a single designer to an entire integrated team, we adapt to your needs.

Rapid Impact

We react quickly, deploying effective experts at short notice.

Experts Working With Experts

Benefit from our experts working in close collaboration with your team, ensuring maximum impact through combined expertise.

Easily Scalable

Effortlessly scale your projects with us, offering the flexibility to adjust team size as needed.

We’re rated as one of the top UX + Product Design Agencies in the UK.

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LION+MASON made it feel like we had a dedicated expert within our team. They instantly understood the core challenge, and their regular communication enabled stakeholders to be involved at the correct points. We will definitely look to re-engage on future projects.”
Harley Davidson

Working with LION+MASON  is a great experience. They go above and beyond to ensure that each project is successful, even when products are complex and innovative. We highly recommend L+M as an experienced and reliable partner.”
Cambridge University Press

LION+MASON delivered a simple user experience with an easy-to-use UI design,. They impressed with their flexibility, communication, and delivery.
Barnett Waddingham

The team’s creative ideas and proactive approach impressed me throughout. We’ll definitely look to engage with on future projects.
Sheffield Hallam University

LION+MASON had a flexible, collaborative approach tailored to our unique culture. Their team developed strong relationships with our users, ensuring they felt invested in the project.

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