Sheffield Hallam University
User Testing / User Research Case study

The Challenge

One of the UK’s leading Universities, Sheffield Hallam, understood that with a rapidly-evolving digital landscape, they need to ensure that they always stay relevant to the changing behaviours of their audience.

As such, LION+MASON was enlisted to help Sheffield Hallam University better understand how a new generation of students wants to engage with them online. The goal was to provide user insight that could underwrite useful, actionable advice on how to transform the design, content and overall user experience of the site.


Our approach firstly involved gathering both qualitative and quantitive insight that would help underwrite our recommendations.

User workshops

We conducted a series of user workshops with Sheffield Hallam’s target audience, discovering what really mattered to users and what influenced their decisions

Video Testing

We ran a series of video tests, challenging users to complete certain tests and to provide feedback on their experiences.

Web Analytics

We gathered quantitive user data from Google Analytics and Hotjar to help us further understand how people were currently interacting with Sheffield Hallam’s site.

Review & Analysis

Based on the findings from the workshops, video testing, and data analysis, we set about interpreting the findings into meaningful, actionable advice.

This involved our user experience experts, from designers to information architects, reviewing all the research and compiling there hypotheses and recommendations for change.


We presented our findings and actions in a series of documents designed to clearly communicate our research findings and recommendations.

We also presented the results and recommendations in person to all key stakeholders at Sheffield Hallam to ensure all our advice was clear and to answer any questions regarding the thinking and hypotheses.

The output allowed the client’s internal teams to transform the way their site communicates to prospective students. As a result, Sheffield Hallam University has seen a major uptake in engagement and interest.