LION+MASON Social Values Policy

At LION+MASON social values are extremely important to us. We not only care strongly about our employees but also the communities where we live and work.


We strive to ensure all LION+MASON employees are happy in their job role, happy with their surroundings to complete their projects and satisfied with their work/life balance. We constantly review this due to the ever changing environment of the modern world. We value the time and commitment our employees give to the company and endeavor to reward them accordingly.


We have been instrumental in volunteering our time to various community projects. LION+MASON has supported our employees to offer their time and expertise particularly with the younger generation. Whether this be at careers events in underprivileged areas or creating and running workshops to encourage girls to get involved in technology.
This is a continual process alongside our day to day work and we are continually researching new opportunities where we can offer support.

LION+MASON work with the community and include social values as part of the company ethos.

Our teams are encouraged to be as helpful as possible, and this extends into the community.

where they can get involved at all levels in local groups, events and volunteer roles.

Encouraging local people to get into work is a big part of our strategy.

We train and develop career paths in roles such as UX designers and User researchers.

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