Software Application UX/UI Design Case study

The Challenge

Trailight is an international software provider that helps solve regulatory challenges for large Financial Service companies. Due to the complex nature of processes and procedures within the sector, they needed to find ways of making their software more intuitive and friendly to use.

LION+MASON was challenged to transform how users interact with the software and to provide a more intuitive interface to their complex product.


Our first step was to get to grips with a very complex challenge.

We engaged in several stakeholder workshops with everyone from sales teams to development to get an in-depth understanding of the financial processes and the functionality of the software.


Based on our insight, we completely re-thought how their software processes could be visualised, creating an intuitive application design that fulfilled both technical and user requirements.

What the client says

“LION+MASON made it feel like we had a dedicated UX expert within our team. They instantly understood the core problems, and their regular communication enabled all stakeholders to be involved at the correct points. We will definitely look to re-engage with LION+MASON on future projects.”