12 Useful UX Tools

A selection of useful tools that will help you improve your user experience

Online businesses are recognising that understanding User Experience is a crucial route towards digital success. You can have ‘call-to-action’s in all the right places, great content and tech optimisation, but what if your site is written more for you than for your customer? That’s what User Experience helps you to explore and understand.

Aligning your goals with customer needs allows your site to function best to meet your clients’ requirements, keeping them onsite for longer and converting more successfully. Understanding where your consumer goes onsite, where they scroll, where they click and the pages which drive them away is imperative for even contending in today’s competitive market.

The three considerations of evaluating User Experience can roughly be broken down into:

  • Research and Analysis tools
  • UX Design tools
  • Testing tools

So what can you do? If you don’t know what your client is doing on your site, you need to find out now.  We’ve listed 12 of the best tools for gauging your site’s level of User Experience:

Research & Analysis tools:

How does your client move about your site? Where do they click? What site features catch their attention and what do they scroll quickly past? Find out why people are leaving your site, by seeing the website directly through the user’s experience.  You can even ask their opinion – the site has access to 10 million people, internationally. Test both conversion and user experience through research and analysis tools like the below:

1. Usabilla

Usabilla collects visual feedback from the user, exploring users’ emotions and thought processes as they browse. Use their feedback to improve your site.

2. Verify

Use screens, surveys or mock-ups to find out what users think, saving unnecessary time spent on reworks. It’s great for testing before implementation.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s heat map visualises where your visitors are clicking.  The scroll map reports will help you to understand how your visitors engage with your site.

UX Design tools

Your site can have a great feel but simply not fulfil the user’s needs. Find out how it functions before you go live with the tools below:

5  InVision

InVision allows you to make clickable, functional prototypes of your design before going live. It is also simple for either you or a client to view on either a smartphone or desktop computer.

6. Balsamiq

Balsamiq offers the retro feel of hand-design, pencil and paper style. You can quickly ‘sketch up’ and share mock-ups with clients.

7. Pidoco

This online prototyping and UX tool is easy to use and offers sharing and collaboration features for designing a site or mobile app.

8. Mockflow

This online wireframe tool for software and websites is simple and easy. Designers can plan, build and share their work.

9. Proto.io

Proto.io allows you to design fully functional, interactive mobile apps without coding.

10. Naview

Naview is a tool designed to test the utility of your onsite navigation. It lets you design and build a navigation prototype, testing the navigation’s usability as you go.

Testing tools:

All of the best websites have been well tested before going live. A/B split testing can highlight the smallest changes you need to be making which can result in vastly different results. Explore with the tools below:

11. Optimizely

Optimizely offers all sorts of functions, one of which being multivariate testing. Classed as an experimentation platform, Optimizely will help you increase you Conversion rates.

12. Convert

A/B testing software and testing tools. With a WYSIWYG set up, it’s simple for marketers and business owners to create tests without having to employ a technical team.

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