A introduction to the world of UX, and why its a big deal for businesses

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The UX Design Role is Evolving – Here is How
800 449 Andy Curry

In a world dominated by technology, UX professionals might find it difficult to resist the temptation of new trends. But if they want to stay at the top of their game, they must always balance human-centered design skills with UX technology.

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Post-Pandemic Predictions for Banking & Financial Technology
800 449 Andrew Machin

Many banks have been working to streamline their face-to-face services for a while now, investing in improving their digital offering. That is great for some customers, but it brings new challenges for others – not to mention the need for additional risk management.

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Digital Transformation in 2021 Must Be Centred Around People
800 449 Sarah Lines

Successful digital transformation relies on effective people management for the most part. Any strategy applied by businesses must be centred around its people.

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How to Create User-Friendly Quote and Buy Forms
800 449 Paul Cook

In this post, we run through the best practices and principles to help UX designers create user-friendly Q&B forms.

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The Importance of Written Communication in UX Design
800 449 Andrew Machin

Designers do not need to be professional content writers, but an understanding of the basics of writing will greatly assist in UX design.

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Digital Transformation Trends for Insurance Companies to Consider
1024 538 Sarah Lines

We take a look at ways in which insurance companies could transform their operations and bring about a successful digital transformation in 2021.

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