A introduction to the world of UX, and why its a big deal for businesses

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Developing a fintech digital strategy post-COVID
1024 682 Andrew Machin

For financial institutions, the pandemic has presented opportunities to digitise services and introduce new technology. Discover some of the fintech features expected to be popular in the coming months.

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How to be a UX Researcher: Analysis
800 449 Rosalyn halford

Stage 2. We now need to think about interpreting and analysing information. In this post, I’m going to pass on my personal tips and advice on the analysis stage.

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How to create helpful hyperlinks – and why you should avoid “click here” links
1024 682 admin

Using “click here” or “read more” links is often problematic for your users. In this article, we discuss three key reasons why you should avoid using them in your content.

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Is top navigation or side navigation better for your product?
800 449 Jack Corker

Navigation menus are vital to user experience and interface design. So if you’re working on a new website or app, choosing a navigation layout is a major consideration. 

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Covid Has Accelerated Digital Technology by 7 Years. Here’s What That Means…
800 449 Andrew Machin

Let’s take a closer look at how Covid has reshaped the digital landscape, particularly, how it has accelerated customer expectations around shopping and buying online.

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Does the ‘Average’ User Really Exist?
800 449 Andy Curry

We explore the concept of the ‘average user’ in the context of the American Air Force, considering how the themes from the case study can be applied to achieve successful UX design. 

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