To uncover new ideas that solve your business challenges and add value to your customer journeys.


You need fresh ideas to encourage engagement with your digital products and services.


1-3 Weeks


The Ideation + Innovation programme aims to develop and explore ideas for new products or existing systems and platforms.

We engage with internal teams, and end-users to develop innovative ideas that will help ensure that your digital experiences both deliver on business objectives and delight end users.

The ideas are explored further through a service-design approach, exploring how a new service might work, combined with low-fidelity concepts to support the idea.

The outcome is innovative ideas for products and services that both solve the business challenge and are validated by your target audience.

Typical Activities

  • Brainstorm Workshops
  • Idea Exploration
  • User Research and Validation
  • Service Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Concept Design


  • New ideas and opportunities for innovation
  • Solve business challenges
  • Addresses/solves key experience challenges
  • Lessen the risk of innovation
  • Identifies ideas to take forward into UX Design + Prototyping