We deliver user insights that underwrite better decisions

User Research

User Research

We deliver user insights that underwrite better decisions

Knowing your customers’ needs, desires, and motivations is the foundation for any successful digital experience.

Through direct observation, workshops, data & analytics research, stakeholder interviews, and user testing, we build a picture of your audience’s workflows, pain points and desired interactions with digital devices, products, applications and services.

From usability studies or ethnographic research of your target audience, we can conduct the user research and analysis needed to underpin your product idea. We draw upon both quantitative and qualitative research methods, including:

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Video Testing
  • Field Research
  • International Research
  • Audience Surveys

What is User Research?

User Research is the process of understanding what your target audience want and need from a product or service, and an essential part of developing great experiences.

By taking the time to understand your user’s goals, needs, and motivations, we can help you secure validation for your ideas and uncover opportunities to improve and innovate.

Our User Research services lay the foundation on which you can create the best possible experience for your users. The end result is the insight that underwrites better decisions that can enhance functionality, ease-of-use, efficiency, and pleasure of users derive from your product or service.

How does User Research help businesses?

Our User Research services provide the insights that can help address fundamental business challenges:

  • What are the pain-points in our customer/end-user experiences?
  • How can we provide business efficiencies through digital tools and services?
  • Where are the opportunities to improve end-user engagement?
  • How can we make our digital products fit better into the lives of our users?
  • How do we validate new digital products/services – are they what users want?


UX Clients


UX Clients

Why Choose Us?

Our approach in entirely user-centric – user research underpins all the work we do in order to deliver best-in-class UX

We’ll help you develop a ‘big picture’ view of what your organisation can achieve through better user engagement

We can tailor our approach to cater for organisational or user needs

We’ll help you to frame research undertaken to achieve the stakeholder buy-in you need to move forwards

We provide easy to digest, meaningful, and valuable documentation of all our research, along with face to face communication of findings to ensure you get the most from your research program.

All our research is carried out with an empathetic, non-assumptive approach ensuring no bias or influence in our work

Our Approach


Define business challenge

We’ll start by identifying the goals and objectives of the research to be conducted, as well as the problems we’re trying to solve


Develop a research plan

We’ll then build these goals out into a workable plan, outlining the data we are after and the best methods for collecting it


Perform the user research

Our team will then execute on the research plan, conducting tests, interviews, facilitating focus groups and gathering surveys


Communicate findings

Finally, we’ll analyse the data to glean the best insights from it and present it in a way that stakeholders will find valuable

LION+MASON made it feel like we had a dedicated UX expert within our team. They instantly understood the core problems, and their regular communication enabled all stakeholders to be involved at the correct points.

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