We provide user-centric design thinking to solve critical business challenges

UX Consultancy

UX Consultancy Services

We provide user-centric design thinking to solve critical business challenges

We’re a specialist team of UX Consultants with a passion for simplifying the world around us.

We help businesses better understand their audience and pave the way for transformational digital products and services.

We help businesses to develop more user-friendly products, services and ways of working through:

  • Business Analysis
  • Digital Transformation
  • Product/Service Leadership
  • User Research
  • Ethnographic Mapping
  • Process Mapping
  • UX Strategy
  • Design, Prototyping and Validation

What is UX Consultancy?

As a UX consultancy, we can support your organisation with everything from creating a new product or service to re-designing legacy products, complicated workflows and adopting a more innovative mindset, through expert UX leadership and direction.

Our consultants are highly-experienced UX and UI design professionals who help businesses to become more user-friendly. And, while this starts with strong, user-centred design it also encompasses helping organisations to change, adapt and learn.

Why is UX Consultancy Important?

As a UX Consultancy, we can help your organisation answer the following challenges:

  • How do we digitally transform our products, services, or processes?
  • What threats are we facing from competitors?
  • How can we integrate our digital services better into the lives of our users?
  • How do we improve performance of our customer-facing products and/or services?
  • How do we become a more user-centric business?


UX Clients


UX Clients

Why Choose Us?

We take an evidence-based approach to help you make the right strategic, user-first decisions

We work to understand and define the exact problem(s) that is preventing you from reaching your business goals

We’ll help you glean better insight from existing metrics and conduct the user research needed to gather better data

We’ll help your organisation to change, adapt and learn based on user needs and motivations, achieving business efficiencies, competitive advantage, and promote innovation

We’ll help you understand and embody the tenants of user-centred thinking, allowing you to digitally transform your business

We can provide end-to-end support and direction for your existing resources to ensure effective delivery

Our Approach


Challenge Definition

We’ll start by understanding the core business challenge you’re trying to solve and converting it into a goal that we can all work towards.


Understand your Audience

We engage with both internal and external stakeholders to better understand their needs and motivations.


Provide Strategic Direction

Based on business analysis and user insight, we can then provide the strategic direction as to how best to achieve your “to-be” vision


Ongoing analysis and support

We help you continually improve, optimise and transform your digital platforms to ensure they stay relevant to your audience and perform to their very best.

LION+MASON have delivered some amazing work: They have been ‘on it’ every minute, always available, demonstrated a great knowledge of our product and their advice was key to the whole development. They are our ‘third-arm’, and it’s not often you can gain such a great supplier relationship from the get-go.

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