UX/UI Design Case Study

The Challenge

As one of the largest postal delivery companies in the United Kingdom, Whistl wanted to create an online experience that could allow small to medium size businesses to capitalise on Whistl’s geographical and demographic data to create bespoke direct marketing campaigns.

LION+MASON was challenged to design an online application that would allow customers to create campaigns with customised marketing materials, ultimately transforming how they communicate with their SME audience.


Our first task was to get a full understanding of the campaign creation process.

To achieve this we created a series of complex user journeys that mapped out each interaction based on user goals.


We created a fully responsive design that allows users to intuitively create campaigns based on location look-ups, demographic data, and customised designs.

What the client says

“LION+MASON have delivered some amazing work: They have been ‘on it’ every minute, always available, demonstrated a great knowledge of our product and their advice was key to the whole development. They are our ‘third-arm’, and it’s not often you can gain such a great supplier relationship from the get-go.”