Digital Experience Leeds 2023 2

Digital Experience Leeds 2023

DX Leeds 2023 – Real life insight, solutions and expertise. Short talks from a selection of guest speakers, experts in their field.

In association with Leeds Building Society we hosted a relaxed and informal afternoon to hear from leading specialists discussing some of the key digital challenges facing businesses. Including how AI holds immense potential for enhancing your product’s capabilities and how it can directly impact user experience.

Date: Thursday 28th September 2023

Venue: The Wardrobe 6 Saint Peter’s Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

Highlights of DX Leeds 2023

Introduction to Digital Experience Leeds 2023 by Andy Curry

How Leeds Building Society refine and maximise a user centered design process

Whispers of the AI Wizard: Illuminating Your User Research Insights

Amplifying your processes with AI driven tools

Building the Right Thing and Building the Thing Right – A whole team approach

Death and other difficult words

Discussion panel with industry experts

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