The Challenge

188Bet are one of the largest online gambling and gaming brands in the middle east, with a simple mission of offering their customers the best online entertainment experience. However, when faced with entering the UK markets, 188Bet realised that their digital experience wasn’t aligned with the expectations of the UK gaming audience.

LION+MASON were challenged with realigning 188Bet’s digital experience to be more engaging to a UK audience. Not only did would this include the customer touch points, such as the mobile app, but also the back-office tools and services that would help support 188Bet in creating the right content and offers.


Our first task was to run in-depth stakeholder workshops where
we could get a full understanding of the business challenges and operations.

We used existing market research to form a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of their target audience. We also conducted a comprehensive review of competitor products and platforms to help inform the UK gaming market.


Armed with this insight, we were able to define user personas and use-case scenarios that addressed their most salient concerns and motivations.

From here we were then able to create wireframe prototypes that we presented to 188Bet stakeholders, including development teams, along with prioritised recommendations for roll out.

What the client says

“LION+MASON have been a great partner throughout. They’ve helped deliver a platform that not only engages our target audience, but also keeps 188Bet competitive in a highly crowded market.”