Uncovering Service Opportunities Through Digital Innovation & Design

Allianz wanted to transform a wealth of supply chain data into useful insight to help manufacturers and logistics firms better understand and manage their supply chains. The vision; a web-based product providing logistics and manufacturing professionals with real-time supply chain monitoring, alerts, and KPI tracking. LION+MASON was tasked with generating the user insight required to bring this vision to life.

Understanding The Challenge

We began by exploring the workings of a typical supply chain – identifying key users, understanding roles and responsibilities, and capturing needs and frustrations.

  • Identified key users at each stage of the supply chain
  • Conducted user interviews to explore tasks performed and challenges faced
  • Mapped user journeys for each key role highlighting common pain points

Collaborative Prototyping

We built on this insight during a prototype and testing phase, which focussed on providing users with access to the most important information in the right format.

  • Created paper prototypes to validate early thinking and explore approaches
  • Developed interactive digital prototypes to bring ideas to life
  • Conducted regular cycles of user testing and documented findings

Delivering Value By Solving Clients’ Real-World Challenges

Following a rapid but rigorous program of research, prototyping, and testing, we handed over a series of validated recommendations for the development of the insight portal – focussing on content, functionality, and design.