Improving Sales Team Effectiveness And In-Store Customer Experience Through A New Digital Sales Platform

LION+MASON was challenged to transform how Harley Davidson can help their retail-center teams better manage sales leads and efficiently take bookings for test rides in store.

Untangling Disparate Processes

Iconic motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson, recognised that a poor user-experience on their sales management system, combined with the disparate nature of offline processes was holding their in-store sales teams back from efficiently collecting sales leads and helping them to convert customers, ultimately losing them sales.

Assesing ‘In-Store’ Pain-Points

Our first task was to get a full understanding of the challenges and processes of the sales teams within the retail centers.

We researched their key day-to-day tasks and objectives to better understand how we could design a product that would help create task efficiencies and improve the sales experience.

Designing For the Day-To-Day

Based on the insight and research, we created interactive prototypes to demonstrate how sales representatives can quickly achieve their day-to-day tasks quickly and intuitively, such as access sales data, create and manage booking test-rides, produce MI reports as well as many other processes that had to be previously managed offline.

The result was new digital product that provided the ability for in-store teams to work much more effectively and allow them to deliver a much better in-store experience for their customers.

“LION+MASON have delivered a quality product with a high level of service and professionalism. They fulfilled our advanced requirements easily while still meeting very tight deadlines.”