What is UX?

A brief introduction to the world of User Experience Design

UX (short for User Experience) is a design practice which involves considering how a brand’s digital products will be experienced by its customers.

Digital products which are typically the focus of UX design include websites, mobile and tablet apps, kiosks and point-of-sale systems, software and product interfaces.

If you have ever used a website to purchase a product or find information, interacted with others on a mobile app, or even watched a film on your smart TV, then you will have touched the world of UX.

Think about all the websites or apps you use. The ones you enjoy using you probably still use, perhaps for purchases or bookings, and you may have even recommended them to your friends. Conversely, if you’ve ever visited a site or app that you found difficult or frustrating, then chances are you won’t be using it site again or suggesting that your friends do. The difference between the two extremes is how well the user’s experience has been considered.

For this reason, the success of every digital product we interact with is underwritten by the experience we take from it. When done well these interactions are seamless and effective, often in a manner that is invisible to the end user. However when done badly these experiences can be difficult, clumsy and frustrating. Ultimately, what kind of experience a user has with a product plays a critical role in its success or failure.

As technology constantly evolves, so does our knowledge of how we interact with the world around us, and the way we address any challenges. UX processes and techniques are continually adapting to new digital landscapes and behaviours in order for us to better understand what makes a good user experience.

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