What makes a good user experience?

An overview of the core principles of great UX

There are many elements that can help determine whether a user’s experience is pleasurable. However most, if not all, experiences that we consider good or great can be seen to have three common characteristics:

The experience is ‘Useful’

By considering whether the experience you’re providing fulfils specific user needs, you can create digital products that are useful to the end user, always ensuring that your product or service is relevant.

The experience is ‘Usable’

A successful experience means that goals can be achieved quickly, with ease and without friction or frustration, whatever your product is designed to do. Any experience that requires too much ‘thought’ from the user will often result in an ineffective solution that users abandon.

The experience is ‘Desirable’

Whilst more difficult to quantify than other elements, the desirability of using a product is just as important in successful experiences. In other words, just because a user ‘can’ achieve their goals, doesn’t mean they will ‘want’ to. By creating experiences that ‘delight’ the user, you can ensure that they feel more compelled to convert and keep coming back for more.

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