Improving Sales Team Effectiveness And In-Store Customer Experience Through A New Digital Sales Platform

Johnson & Johnson

LION+MASON was tasked with auditing and improving Johnson & Johnson’s B2B engagement product for their global network of 200,000+ independent Pharmacists. The aim was to drive an increase in interest and engagement, as well as localised sales.

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If It’s Not Being Used, It’s Not Useful

Before we could understand how improvements could be made, it was critical to understand why Pharmacists did not want to engage with the current platform. As such, we began by challenging the business idea of a ‘re-design’, proposing that ‘If it is not being used, it is not useful’.

We conducted a series of comprehensive stakeholder workshops that included representatives from the varying territories across Europe. This allowed us to get a thorough and broad understanding of the business objectives, assumptions about their audience, and determine where the gaps in understanding lay.

From here we developed a research plan that would provide the necessary insight to provide real value to their target audience.

Discovery & Research

We conducted pan-european, in-field research to understand real world challenges and validate current assumptions.

  • Visited 6 territories across Europe
  • Visited a variety of independent stores
  • Held one-to-one interviews with owners and staff
  • Conducted ride-alongs with J&J account directors
  • Validated findings with further video calls with wider markets

Designing For Real-World Challenges

Based on the insight, we designed a new product experience that would tackle real-world end-user challenges. Using the insight gathered as the foundation of our strategy, we were then able to:

  • Map out prioritised user flows and journeys
  • Create a new content and product architecture
  • Liaise with product engineers for technical input
  • Design wireframe prototypes for key journeys
  • Test and validate concepts with end-users
  • Create a new UI language to fit with Johnson & Johnson’s brand

Tangible Results From Improved Experience

The end solution was a platform that we know provided value to both the business and their end customers by addressing their key challenges. As a result, once the solution was re-launched, Johnson & Johnson saw immediate and tangible value:

  • A significant savings in service delivery by digitizing customer support and training.
  • A dramatic increase in revenues stemming from additional orders from their target audience through the platform

Due to its success, the platform has since become integral to Johnson & Johnson’s wider B2B service strategy going forward.

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